The play, which is constructed and developed from the original thought, the processing of all the elements of a work of art until its completion, aims to convey to the art lovers the same feeling and energy that I have experienced myself throughout the process.

The conception of the initial idea occurs naturally and often occasionally. It finds the subject either from earlier or recent readings or from bringing to light some pieces of memory and some other times from the beauty, the delicacy and genuineness of different everyday momentsof reality.

Then the original idea is subjected to a whole evolving process. Sometimes I build preliminary drawings and sometimes I use the magic of a camera but a snapshot taken at a certain moment in time. However, out of these drawings or snapshots there is left only a shadow, upon completion of the work. This whole process “construction-destruction-reconstruction” bears in itself meditation and reflection in any moment. Thus, the “drawings, the snapshots, the size of the tableau, the light and shadow, the colors and often the topic itself” are turned into instruments, into efforts to achieve the right balance, in order to convey that initial and pure feeling of the original idea.

 Aurel Nukaj