Aurel Nukaj was born on the 4th of March 1981, in Berat, Albania. During 1996 -1999, he attended the artistic lyceum “Ajet Xhindole” in Berat, where he graduated from the branch of painting. Later he continued his higher education in “The Academy of Fine Arts”, Tirana, Albania, where he graduated from the branch of painting, specialist of Graphics, in the years 1999-2003.

Following his higher education he worked as a Graphic-Designer for some recognized companies of Albania such as “Celesi”, “Alb Design”, “Alb Vizion”, “New Moment”, during 2003-2007. From the year 2007 and ongoing he is a free lance Graphic Designer. Since 2010 he has started to create some works, which will be a continuation of various painting series such as, the tableau “5:01 A.M” part of the “Hypnos” painting series.

In April 2015, along with 4 other artists, Aurel Nukaj opened the exhibition “Timeless” in the “FAB” gallery of the “University of Arts”, where he exhibited the painting series “Myths and Symbols”, which was commenced a few years ago. During the same year, he was a participant in other group exhibitions such as, “November 18” (anannual exhibition) where he exhibited two works, part of the painting series “The Room” and in the other annual exhibition “Edward Lear” where he was represented with the diptych “Upstream”. In May 2016, together with a group of five artists, they opened the joint exhibition “Directions” where he was represented with the painting series of “Hypnos”.

Moreover, during this year he will find himself a participant of the annual exhibition “November 19” with the diptych “Announcement” part of the painting series “Myths and Symbols No. 2” or in “Edward Lear”, where he will participate with two works part of the “Hypnos” painting series. Currently he is working as an artist in Philadelphia PA, United States where he is also residing.